Simon Forsyth

Would it be so bad to simply turn around

This site is about me and you're here because you wanted to know about me! Obviously you are a person of excellent taste and much idle time. That or you're lost in the net; then shoo. I understand that you could have picked this page up because there are a lot of wonderful keywords in amongst this text, but let me assure you that this page is about me.

One of my email addresses is

The content that I create here spans many hosts including VentraIP, iiNet, Blogspot, Photobucket, Flickr, University of Queensland. Fortunately the web nicely links things together.

Note that there are many Simon Forsyth's in the world who are not me. This includes:

If you are yet another "Simon Forsyth" and would like your link added to the above list then send me an email.

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